Last month I put up a show at the Home Gallery.  The show is all in the room on the left.  The owners Lee and Dee Cassel were very nice to let me display my works in their store.  We plan on having it up at least to the end of October.  So if you’re at the Kenai peninsula come on over they also sell nice furniture.


Home Gallery

11312 Kenai Spur Hwy, #24

Kenai, AK 99611


On May 1st I put up my Show up at Kaladi Brothers 315 South Kobuk St. Soldotna, AK 99669.  It will be up tell the end of the month.  The show has some works I am yet to put up an my site as well deviant art.  I will be publishing my new art work in the near future.

The show was went great and I got some complements.  The manager was very nice and helpful when getting the show up.  The show was under some stress as I did not have the day off and had to get to work in the afternoon.  My printer did not work and so I had to get some works printed at an UPS store.  At the end I got everything done.

Looking forward to showing all of you some of my new works in better detail.

About a month ago, I uploaded a YouTube video.  I may do more like this but I also have another video in the future that will be somewhat different.  This week I do have a time crunch on some drawings and a gallery.  So I maybe slowed down on some of these videos.

This video was more an opportunity to figure out some of the equipment, software, and YouTube’s system.  I plan on producing better videos as I learned a lot from this one.

Happy Easter

I have been hold back from producing some artworks as of late as I had to get some household work done.  That was not the big thing but I also found out about my site security.  The problem was fixed it and should be a https://.  I had to get a SSL Certificate.  I was also working on a some other social networks trying to get better networking.

Now I got plenty to get done but there is more to get done.  I got the basic I need on my site and there is some more plans on improving it.

I am also investigating some other social networks and I may add some more places for my works.  I may have to abandon as it seems to not be well protected.  This saddens me and I hope they get it fixed.  I liked the idea of the site.  But I am perhaps not coming back to the site.

All and all I hope all of you have a happy Easter.