Happy Easter

By in Updates on April 16, 2017

Happy Easter

I have been hold back from producing some artworks as of late as I had to get some household work done.  That was not the big thing but I also found out about my site security.  The problem was fixed it and should be a https://.  I had to get a SSL Certificate.  I was also working on a some other social networks trying to get better networking.

Now I got plenty to get done but there is more to get done.  I got the basic I need on my site and there is some more plans on improving it.

I am also investigating some other social networks and I may add some more places for my works.  I may have to abandon ConceptArt.org as it seems to not be well protected.  This saddens me and I hope they get it fixed.  I liked the idea of the site.  But I am perhaps not coming back to the site.

All and all I hope all of you have a happy Easter.

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