This some practice on Illustrator to get an idea how to make it work.  I am planning on producing more of these in the future.

This was a gift for my father.  I also was experimenting with just color ink and a new composition idea.

Media Color Ink on Paper (no Black ink).

This work was for a competition for Blick.

12″ x 13″ Ink on Paper.

This is the last of the new works I did for the show.  It looks like the show will be over in two weeks.  I may start looking for new places to put up my works.

Color ink on toned paper.


I did multiple photos of this bird when visiting Arizona and decided to do one drawing of the parrot.  This is another new work I have at the show.

8.5″ x 11″

Colored Ink On Toned Paper.


The Drawing is one of the works I added to my show, that is yet to go on my portfolio.  This is an earlier one I did but did not post.  The artwork  at first did not feel good enough for one small flaw; fortunately, coming back to it all the good aspect of it seem to outweigh the one flaw.

White And Color Ink On Black Paper.

White ink on black paper.

12″ x 24″

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A commission for someone I knew in town.

White, Black and Blue Ink on tan toned paper.

This drawing is a gift for my mother.  I taken a long time to finnish.

Ink on Toned Tan Paper.

19″ x 14″

White and color ink on Black Paper 9″ X 12″

I would like to thanks


For the Reference.

The Harbinger Experiment is a creepypasta, and perhaps one of my more favorite ones.

By in Art

This is a gift for the my sister.

White ink on black paper.

A gift for my mother.

White, Blue and Black Ink on Toned Paper.

20″ X 10.5″

I was happy to try a new tone paper I found at an art store.  It seems promising as it is acid free and smooth.

White and black ink on Toned Gray Paper.

This drawing is a gift for my aunt and uncle.

White and Color ink on black paper.

____________________________ I would like to thank

In Alaska the winters can get very dark and cold.  And if there is any blessing there is some light.  Perhaps it is more of a blessing that we have communities up here.  But also there are those in places far away.   My grandparents appreciate it when I create a work of art for them; and when they go on vacation they bring back some samples of other cultures.  My sister and I enjoyed some of the items they brought back, a sample and a look into lands far away.  Those days are about gone but I will hold them dear.


White and Color Ink on black paper.

9.5” x 15.5”

White and color ink on Black paper.

Getting away!

This is a digital work of art and I use a grid I made up to get the structures the way I want them.

Pen rose curlinear perspective

This is a drawing I did for my grandparents.

Another line art.

white and yellow Ink one black Paper

I would like to thank